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All you need is the perfect pair of jeans
Hola ladies,
So let’s be practical. We all want so many things but sometimes we just don’t seem to find the perfect one that we fall in love with, flatters us and is easy on the pocket. Well, it has happened to the best of us. For a long time, the list included a perfect skirt and a pair of black pumps. But, last year my luck exploded and I found the perfect skirt that is absolutely stunning and the perfect pair of pumps that adorn my feet. Well, the list NEVER stops compiling itself. Does it? So, here’s a peak at my current “wishlist” or rather my “want-but-can’t-find-it-list”.
  1. Shorts – So, I am a big girl and my thighs are not my best feature, so I feel a little uncomfortable wearing denim shorts, but I love the idea of loose denim shorts or the cotton ones that look like a skirt. But, I NEVER find a pair of shorts with the current length. They seem to be either hot pants or capri length. I dream of something like this.
  2. Boyfriend/ Distressed jeans – Jeans shopping is a task for me. I hate the heavy ones and most of the ones I buy don’t sit right on my hips. the current pair of jeans that I am abusing is a high waisted pair from Primark that fit like a glove. But, I just never seem to find the right pair of skinny jeans, let alone a pair of boyfriend or distressed jeans. Again find either of these two – too distressed with little denim left on the jeans or just a scratchy tear on the knee. I need something like this.
  3. Romper – Again I do not find a great romper on any Indian site at all. And most of the ones I find literally look like pajama tops. Make the shorts a little longer for the unlucky beauties like us. Don’t we deserve them too? Get me one like this or this. Just a little more covering maybe ;).
  4. Nude pumps – Now that the black ones are out of the way, they were replaced by the nude ones. Style Tip: Nude pumps makes your legs appear longer and you taller.. Something like this is not only chic, universal but also makes me look taller! Double thumbs up. Just find me the affordable option NOW.
  5. Something in Mustard Yellow  – This is the latest addition to my list. I’ll be honest, I have never been a fan of the color Yellow, but this color has absolutely blown my mind away. Ever since I saw Sejal – one of our favorite YouTuber rock this outfit in her Instagram photos and videos, I’ve been in love with this piece as well as the color. Well, let’s see when I can get my hands on a color. Maybe in a jacket or top?
So what is on your wishlist or “want-but-can’t-find-it-list”? Tell us all about yours in the comments below. And do let us know if you have an idea where I can get my hands on these items. Spread the love!
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