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When You Are Feeling Low

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in the post and the series are based on personal experience and knowledge gained from freely available articles. 

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While depression is a long ongoing process, there are times when you feel so down and low that you are downed with negative thoughts and the thoughts go towards self-harm. While this is disheartening and feels like being in a pit you will never get out, taking the following measures will make you feel a lot better. While at times these might not work out in pulling you out of the situation, it will help you feel a little better.

How to feel better when feeling low

  1. Take a hot shower/ bath – the warm water soothes your body and mind.
  2. Go for a walk – The fresh air and the consistent movement helps in relaxing the mind.
  3. Listen to LOUD music – Helps in blocking out all negative thoughts.
  4. Paint – Concentrating on the activity helps in keeping the mind in control.
  5. Take your medicines – Missing a couple of dosages can cause you to feel low.
  6. Go shopping – Distraction at it’s best.
  7. Cry
  8. Call/ text a friend – A loved one whom you can comfortably share silence or with whom a moment of silence is impossible are great phone buddies.
  9. Book a doctor’s appointment – If the feeling persists, go visit your doctor once.
  10. Ask for help – Don’t hesitate to ask for help. You would if you had a high fever!

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