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If only it could smell the same – The Design of Kindle


If you have been around for some time, you might know I love books! After tiring of lugging around 4-5 books for every trip I took, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Kindle. I was sure from the beginning I did not want the paperwhite version since I wanted the exact feel of a physical book and I have my phone to continue reading if I do need to read in the dark. I have the  6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi and I think it is the first or second generation Kindle. Since I am years behind a review, we’ll just talk generally about the design, what I love, what features I use and what I don’t like about it.

Kindle is one of the best eReaders out there which does what it needs to do – provide a great reading experience and add additional value without straying from the original purpose. I own a 2nd gen iPad that I intended to use for my reading but it couldn’t trump over a product built for the purpose of reading.

Love it

  1. Hands down the best feature of a Kindle is its inbuilt dictionary that has vastly improved my learning curve.
  2. X-Ray is the second best feature of the Kindle. It is very easy to lose track of characters in a book especially when you read multiple books in a short span of time. X-Ray lets you see the first time a place/ character was mentioned and also all paras that mention the same. A quick context specific recap at your fingertips.
  3. Kindle also has other quick options at your fingertips to look up translations or Wikipedia.
  4.  While this is indeed a pain point as well, not having to pay for the accidental touches is a big advantage when reading in bed.
  5. Easy to highlight and easy lookup – Highlighting and looking up highlighted quotes is very intuitive and easy to use in a Kindle.
  6. The battery life lasts forever even if you are a heavy reader.
  7. The word wise feature enables automatic meanings of bigger words that are usually deemed difficult and takes up the pain of looking up words manually.
  8. Kindle provides multiple options to customize fonts, margins, alignments and paper looks and these options elevate the reading experience a notch higher.
  9. Goodreads and Amazon integration makes purchase and reviews of your books easy as a button click.
  10. Finally, the paper and book-like experience give the reader an experience of an actual paperback (without the actual weight!).


  1. Although I love the Kindle, sometimes, the operations are a little too slow and delayed on the device which drives you mad especially when compared to your super fast phone.
  2. The non-paperwhite version does provide an experience closest to that of a book, I do have to resort to my phone when lights are out.

Well, that was a quick recap on my Kindle and my undying love for it! Do you own a Kindle? Let us know what your favorite features are below. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love.

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