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“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser

Today, we discuss some designs that made us go “Uhhhh nooo”. As creators and consumers, our first response to a design glitch is “That has to be human error aka my stupidity”. But after a couple of encounters with the feature and analyzing how it is done is when you realize the faux-pas.

Evernote Formatting

No Remove Formatting


Simply Formatting Button


Text after simplifying the format

I have been using Evernote for a long time and ever since I started LBTC, Evernote has become my go-to app to dump ideas, to do lists, and drafting blog posts. I love the app and mostly the simplicity that does not override functionality. Evernote allows easy copying of data and this is where we found the issue. Evernote does not have a “Paste and match format” option and so you end up with mismatched formatted text. And when you try to remove the formatting you get the biggest shock of your life. There is no way to remove formatting. You can simplify the format which will set the set to the same font and size but the bold, italic or underline formatting remains. The second option you have is to “Make Plain Text” which changes the font to the Courier and then you can change the font in another step. Another big boo-boo here is the missing of these options in the format bars at the top of the note. One has to access the format tab in the menu bar for the same. Sigh! Evernote here is missing easy access and behavioral familiarity.

Mall Signs

Sign at the Inorbit Mall

Let’s move to a physical world example next. How many times have you seen such a sign in a shopping mall? I am gonna guess a hundred times. Does this sign give any indication of where you are at the moment? Nope! I get it that mass producing the signs will mean you can’t get different text printed on different signs. Well, even a simple star sticker would do the trick for the user. When running or walking up or down one does not keep track of the number of escalators taken.

Charging Ports

Mac Pro Ports


MacBook Pro Ports


USB A to C dongle

I use a Mac Pro at the office and there are four available USB ports. One is used for my keyboard and mouse connected together, one for my headphones, one for my personal phone charger and one for the debugging phone. That’s it you are done. Can I charge another phone while working? Nope. Why is Apple intent on making USB obsolete? Moving ahead, the placement of these four USBs are so close to each other that it is impossible to remove one without disturbing the other three. And all the other ports are also so closely placed that it is almost impossible for all the cables to sit comfortably. Similarly, in the MacBook Pro, there are just 4 ports but they are so close to each other that using a small USB dongle makes it so difficult to fit in another dongle or even the charger. Even a cm more space between the ports would make such a huge difference in the dongle game.

Xcode Alerts

“Convert to Current Swift Syntax” alert 1 in Xcode


“Convert to Current Swift Syntax” alert 2 in Xcode

Xcode is the development environment for OSX and iOS development. I have been using Xcode for the past four years and the development environment and experience is usually on point but an alert ALWAYS throws me off course is this one. The second alert is the confirmation of the operation in the first alert and the buttons are actually flipped. And EVERY single time I end up converting the project and then have to restart the process from start. Sigh!

Well, these were four designs that definitely need a quick redesign that would make the users’ life so much more intuitive and worry-free. Have you seen any bad designs lately that you reckon needs a redesign? How would you redesign them or one of these issues we pointed out? Let us know in the comments below. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!

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