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Redesign That Ish – QR Code Scanners

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see We are finally kickstarting our Blogchatter Project with this post. Today, we decided to pick an app that we have discussed earlier in our “Ease the Design” post. Today, we show you the design we discussed.

QR Codes How do you generally share your information, say the address or business card to a person right in front of you? A message or a physical card? How do you share the URL of your newly released blog or website when presenting somewhere? Shortened URLs? By relying on these old school techniques, you are missing out on one of the coolest inventions in the world at the moment – QR codes! QR Codes are awesome! Have you ever encountered a QR code in your life? They can store any information in the world in a square inch. You can encode and decode business cards, URLs, addresses, you name it. The technology is freely licensed and you will find scores of sites and apps that encode and decode QR codes. They are the easiest way to share information and the least used in our opinion, losing to messages and shortened URLs. Why, you ask? Due to the seldom use of the tech by the big giants and the unavailability of an app or site that is not plagued with ads. And if I encounter a QRCode in the washroom or waiting for an elevator, the last thing I want to do is download and install such an app to get to the site. Too many steps and the conversion rate falls in a second.

Current Experience

anyoption strategie Currently, this is the experience on one of the best QR code readers on the Android PlayStore.

QR code scanning. Please note the ad.

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An ad plagued screen
Recognizing of the QR code and sharing options. Another ad right there.

rebinary option  

And another ad plagued screen

lopzioni binarie It does the job very well and goes an extra step to provide multiple options for sharing but the UI and the ad plagued screens make a quick retrieval impossible and quite a daunting task.

The Redesign

follow url Today, we give you a concept. A look at how the QR code scanner would be if it was integrated into your own camera app. A simple addition to the menu drawer and you can scan a code from your lock screen while waiting for an elevator or while in the washroom.


Android stock camera with an option to scan QR codes  

The stock app finding and recognizing a QR code

click here And voila chrome opens the site you wanted to check out since forever. Or you have added a new friend to your contact list.The options are endless AND painless!

go Well, that concludes the first post in the series of “Redesign that ish” of the Design Matters project which LBTC has undertaken under the #BlogchatterProjects. How did you like our redesign? Have you ever faced any issue with scanning QR codes before? Let us know in the comments below! Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love! We’ll be back next week with another item and a better re-design of the same.

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