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Redesign That Ish – The Worktable

Today is the last design post of 2017 and the Design Matters project undertaken as part of Blogchatter projects! Can’t believe the year has come to an end and what a roller-coaster it has been. More about that soon, today, we pick our last redesign – the table.

Agreed tables and chairs are available in tons of designs, materials, colors and so on, but I have never seen a table that caters to everybody’s needs and wants. Today, we solve that problem. The table is 4 ft x 2 ft  x 2 ft and caters to every technology driven youth’s needs.


The redesigned worktable – front and top view


The Redesign

The table has two drawers to hold your books, hard disks, pens etc. On the other side of the table, we have one open compartment to hold your books and a corresponding compartment yo hold your power strip. It also consists of a wire cut to connect to the power socket.

Just below the containers, you see a half foot space to hold stationary items such as speakers, monitors etc.. Also, featured is a dedicated groove for speakers with wire cutouts for the same. On the right side of the table is a magazine rack to hold your journals/ magazines. This helps in keeping the desk clean when not in use.

Moving on to the front half of the table whose height is adjustable.  The front part table is pretty simple and lined with a faux leather table runner for a better grip on the devices. On the right-hand side of the table is a coffee cup or bottle holder that minimizes the risk of spill and is easily accessible as well. On the left-hand side of the table is a retractable wire shelf that can be used to hold hard disks when in use or even your snacks.


Redesigned table – complete view


This is LBTC’s last post in the “Design Matters” project undertaken as part of the Blogchatter Projects. Design Matters is an #LBTC initiative to bring design to everybody’s lives. All throughout December, we are identifying different products in various fields that could benefit from a redesign and provide alternative and better design options for them. Check out al our redesigns here. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!

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