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Redesign That Ish – Bottle Warmer

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automatische binäre optionen software “Thousand years ago, when men used to live in caves, it was a problem to go to the river to collect water. Somebody then discovered they can make containers from leaves, but they were not durable. Then somebody discovered that if some wet soil is kept in sun, it turns into clay. Somebody made pots out of the clay but they too were not durable. Then later somebody discovered plastic, and someone thought plastic can be used to hold water and then somebody designed the shape, somebody made it transparent, somebody discovered the cap and cap’s threads and then somebody made a factory to manufacture bottles.” – option fair Naveen Bansal, TVF Pitchers. (English translation of the following original Hindi dialog) “Hazaaron saal pehle jab aadmi gufaon mein rehta tha, toh woh jab nadi se paani bharne jaata tha na us bahut problem hoti thi. Phir kisi ne patton se paani ka container bana diya but woh durable nahi tha. Fir kisi ne notice kiya ki geeli mitti ko dhoop mein rakhne se woh clay ban jaata hai. Phir kisi aur ne us clay se pot bana diya but woh bhi durable nahi tha. Fir kisi aur ne plastic ka aavishkaar kiya fir kisi aur ne socha plastic se paani ka container ban sakta hai. Phir kisi aur ne uska shape design kiya, kisi aur ne transparent banaya, kisi aur ne cap ko discover kiya, kisi aur ne cap ke threads ko design kiya aur kisi aur ne bottles banane ki factory bana di” – watch Naveen Bansal, TVF Pitchers. I found this dialog from TVF Pitchers very apt to introduce today’s item – bottle. Bottles have been around for so long and have been so ingrained in our daily lives that we do not appreciate them or spend a moment to criticize the design so widespread. A normal plastic bottle is very well suited for normal uses and hence we all tend to overlook the need for this redesign.

The Problem

Make money online college students online Have you ever traveled with a baby or infant? It is usually advised that babies be given lukewarm milk – not hot or cold or room temperature. (And while we are at it, it is not advisable to microwave kids’ milk). This becomes absolutely difficult when you are on the run and the milk is pre-packed. Are you ever of any easy way to overcome this problem? Also, have you ever found an easy way to check the temperature of milk apart from drops on your wrist or forearm? Alternatively, when under the weather and need to consume warm water, you find yourself carrying a heavy thermo-steel flask that holds heat up to some hours. In this age of life always on the go, is there really no other solution? Today, we redesign or design a bottle warmer.  

The Solution

Design of a bottle warmer PS: Amaze levels of Photoshop AGAIN!


get link Let’s start with the heating aspect of the bottle warmer. The basic idea of the warmer is same as an electrical heating pad. Since. the heat required in this case is much lower, we replace the electrical input with batteries similar to what you find in modern day power banks. The heating element of the warmer  islined to the outer layer that actually does the heating. This is connected to the battery at the bottoms. Between the heating element and the bottle is a squishable element that conducts heat.


The warmer a USB port on one side to charge the batteries. The design is complete with a power switch on the other side. The battery part of the warmer is removable by a slide mechanism and can be easily recharged without taking too much space in your charging port or your bag. Adaptable

The squishy element between the heating element and the bottle is what makes the bottle warmer universal and adaptable. It can easily heat your kid’s milk or your own water. The squishy element also makes sure the warmer is foldable and does not take up extra space in your bag.


With the temperature controlled by batteries, there is a panel that shows the approximate temperature of the liquid.

This was such an amazing experience to research the possible mechanisms for such a warmer to exist. We thought, got excited, researched, discarded at an alarmingly fast rate. While this may seem very far-fetched, we have made sure that all the elements we speak of in the design already exist in one form or another today and are used in our daily lives. Do you think our design of bottle warmer is something that will help you the next time you step out with your child or fall sick? Do you see any shortcomings in the design? Or an idea to improve it? Let us know in the comments below!

This is LBTC’s third post in the “Design Matters” project undertaken as part of the Blogchatter Projects. Design Matters is an #LBTC initiative to bring design to everybody’s lives. All throughout December, we are identifying different products in various fields that could benefit from a redesign and provide alternative and better design options for them. Check out our first two redesigns here. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!

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