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Redesign That Ish – The Brown Paper Lunch Bag Redesign Brown Paper Lunch Bag binäre optionen copy trading Ever picked up something from McDonald’s or KFC when on the go? Obviously, you have and so have a million others. A majority of the population has fallen in love or hate with the fast food giants. And I too sometimes find myself at one of them for a quick bite. Recently, when at the airport I picked some fries to have while waiting for my flight and found myself at a conundrum. The fries did not come in their standard prism-like a package of their own but was thrown in a plain old brown paper bag. Usually, burgers come in a paper packaging and I have seen scores of Indians squeeze ketchup on their paper bags while enjoying their meal. It might not be a bad option when having an in-house but once on the go, this is a pure pain in the ass and when the meal has fries, it is literally not an option at all! Multiple people have faced the issue and come up with solutions – a solid ketchup/ mustard box or French fires prism box with a kangaroo pouch. But, why not modify the design of an element that is common to all of our purchases? The brown paper lunch bag. So today, we redesign the go to site brown paper lunch bag.

The Brown Paper Lunch Bag

Redesign Brown Paper Lunch Bag
The OG Brown Paper Lunch Bag

handel mit binären optionen steuern The brown paper lunch bag has been a common commodity in the west for long. They are the perfect carriers for dry food items such as sandwiches, burgers, chips etc. It was no surprise that it also became the face of takeaway food when “fast food” industry rose to popularity.

The Redesign

Redesign Brown Paper Lunch Bag
The Redesigned Brown Paper Lunch Bag PS: Please note the amazeballs levels of photoshopping skills

follow url A lunch bag is usually rolled down to reach its contents. So in the redesign, we take advantage of the process ingrained in the minds of millions of customers. We brought the kangaroo pouches to the mothership i.e., the paper bag. While the ideal world would have ketchup packets stuck to the bag with an option to open the sachet horizontally, the amount of sauce required may vary per person. That’s why a kangaroo pouch that can hold your ketchup/ mustard sauce is a much easier option to adopt and adapt to. We can then color code them for different kinds and you have an inbuilt place for your sauces. Customers will be able to hold their complete meal in one hand and eat with the other. The design can also be easily adapted to lunch bags used by kids to not rely on external surfaces to carry the sauces. This was our take on making fast food consumption mess-free and easier on the go. Have you ever been stuck with sticky fingers coz of having to manage ketchup with your food on the go? Do you think this solution would work in the real world? Let us know in the comments below.

source site This is LBTC’s second post in the “Design Matters” project undertaken as part of the Blogchatter Projects. Design Matters is an #LBTC initiative to bring design to everybody’s lives. All throughout December, we are identifying different products in various fields that could benefit from a redesign and provide alternative and better design options for them. Check out our first redesign here. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!

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