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The Design of Querkles


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We have talked design of things in various fields and today we talk one of my favorite ones – books. So, anybody who knows me knows that I am an avid reader and am usually found with a book in my hand or bag. So, let’s talk about books baby, let’s about you and me! ūüėČ

If you have been in a stationary shop lately, I am pretty sure you must have come across the latest fad in the world aka “Adult Coloring Books”. In a world where anxiety has become a part of the daily life for everybody, people have resorted to look to how children cope with life. These days, all the life’s mantra you read goes something like “Have curiosity like a kid”, “Fight and make up like children”, “Always ask why like kids do”, “Never do something you don’t like”, “Sleep peacefully¬†like a baby” etc etc. Well, for a Neverland kid like me who never grows up, we just always knew it! ūüėȬ†And now we have the wonderful adult coloring books. Today, we talk about Querkles, which are a little different from the ordinary coloring books you find.

Querkles is color-by-numbers reinvented. Remember the picture in magazines and newspapers where the parts where numbered and you had to color as per the color guide provided? Well, welcome its redesign and you would not believe the transformation.

This is how one of the empty Querkles page look like. Seems random? Yes, the whole page is filled with overlapping circles and they do not seem to make any sense (no rainbows and clouds in sight here!) at all, but hidden within each is the face of a celebrity that is waiting to be revealed. All of the sections are numbered between 1 to 5. The color guide for the books is simple. You can choose any palette, but the colors should preferably go from dark to light shade for the image to pop the way it is supposed to. You can also go artistic and use a single color and experiment with different strokes and patterns to emulate dark and light shades.

The book is fantastic. The concept, the visualization and the actual execution is brilliant and spot on. The coloring is not only calming but also makes me be more mindful (that the doctor has definitely prescribed) with the process. I always pick it up after a day of heavy coding and I am usually humming or singing by the time I finish the coloring. And since you are never sure of who the celebrity is until like half of the page is done, the curiosity only adds to the excitement. Another twist that I add to the process is by experimenting with my color palette and the pens that I use. I have experimented with brush pens, sketch pens, markers etc etc and have gone from a safe yellow-red color palette to an all-out pink-yellow-blue palette :P. Too out there Рyes, but works and is fun Рa double yes!

Join me in the process of completing a Querkles page. Can you guess the celebrity? Can you? Can you?


This is the color guide that Querkles mentions at the beginning of the book.


This is how an empty Querkle page looks like.

Empty Querkle Page
An empty Querkle Page

These are the Querkles that I have completed in the month that I’ve had them!

Jim Morrison Querkle
Jim Morrison Querkle immortalized in purple.


Audrey Hepburn Querkle
The Hollywood heartthrob Audrey Hepburn Querkle


James Dean Querkle
You go that James Dean Daydream look in your eyes! The James Dean Querkle


Marilyn Monroe Querkle
The beautiful Marilyn Monroe Querkle in monochrome


Abe Lincoln Querkle
The elegant Abe Lincoln Querkle


These are the ones that my Dad worked on. Take a look at the neon yellow Marx! Absolutely love the quirkiness oozing out of it.


Muhammad Ali Querkle
Muhammad Ali Querkle looking all intense


Groucho Marx Querkle
Groucho Marx Querkle in all his neon glory

The last page is a list of the celebrities featured in the book.

All the celebrities Querkles
All the celebrities Querkles


There are multiple versions of Querkles available in the market. Mine is the famous celebrities version which you can find here. You can also find masterpieces, animals, cats etc.¬†Thomas Pavitte, a graphic designer from Auckland, is also the inventor of the 1000 dot to dot books which is again a re-design of one of our favorite childhood “Join the dots” puzzles. Can’t wait to get my hands on them soon! So, did you like the Querkles? You think you’re going to try this out? Do let us know how you liked it and don’t forget to read, comment, share and spread the love!

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A couple of other shots of the book we absolutely love!





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