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Planner Redesign


We have always reiterated that when things don’t work they need a redesign. Our designs are no different. Last year, we presented our planner design that was custom tailored to our needs but as the year passed most of the months in the planner were left empty. And when a design doesn’t work, we rework and redesign it. We’ll talk about what worked, what did not and what the final redesign is.

What Worked

The page size – First and foremost, the A5 page size was perfect for daily use and was not too big to be bulky and too small for writing to be cramped.

General life planners – The general life and year planner pages at the start of the planner proved to be really helpful for long-term planning. The bucket list and idea page also helped me keep track of things to do and achieve.


Budget pages – Another idea that really worked for my finances was the monthly budget page to keep track of all expenses.


Notes pages – The notes pages were easily my favorite part of the planner. It came in handy for writing down upcoming events, planning photo shoots, blog posts etc.

Habit Tracker – The habit tracker was a huge success. The habits in the tracker have changed, but the idea still remains!

What Did Not

Thickness of the Planner – Though the page size was apt, the number of pages was way too much for it to be comfortably carried around.

Daily Spreads – My 2017 planner had a dedicated spread for everyday (except for the weekends) which included time slots for appointments, communication, AND space for to-dos upto 15 items. The spread soon turned out to be tedious to work with. My weekdays were always spent in office and writing down those appointments in my personal planner made no sense. On a weekday, I had no more than 4-5 to-dos and 1-2 calls. Pages started running empty and the excitement to plan dwindled with time.


No Doodling Space – Though, the notes page provided space, I found myself craving for space to list down stuff for the upcoming week or even doodle here and there. And with so many sections crowding the daily page, it was difficult to freestyle anywhere.

The Fix!

Weekly Spread – The new design includes a weekly spread on two pages. This fixed the issues of the long empty daily spread and the size of the planner.


Weekly Planning – I also included some space for weekly planning on every spread.

Doodling Space – A dedicated spread was introduced to dump ideas, doodle, random brain dump and so on.


Well, that was the first redesign post of the year and a redesign of one of our own! We’ll let you know how it worked out by the end of the year! Do you use any planners? Let us know in the comments below! Comment and don’t forget to spread the love!

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