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On The Road To Recovery

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Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in the post and the series are based on personal experience and knowledge gained from freely available articles.

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We hope the series has been useful in some way or another and has given you the push you needed to go one step forward to make you feel better. And when you are on the road to recovery, here are a couple of tips and tricks that might help you to not fall back into the abyss of darkness.

  1. For many people, depression or anxiety is aggravated by large crowds. So, once you feel better, you will feel excited to party and get back to your real happening life. But, take it slow, don’t dive headfirst to parties. Go slow, go out with a friend, then a couple of them and then slowly delve into your happening party life.
  2. Do not overwork (at work or personal life) to compensate for anything. Take it slow.
  3. Take a day off every week just to chill, relax and pamper yourself.
  4. Make a slight change in your appearance. Though it sounds vain, a change in your appearance gives a huge boost to your self-esteem. Get a new haircut, get curls or straighten your hair, go for a complete wardrobe upheaval or move to contact lenses from spectacles and you will feel your confidence rebuilding.
  5. Resist the temptation to resort to self-harm again on all costs.
  6. Do not jump to new relationships.
  7. Tell people about what you went through and that you are still recovering.
  9. Understand and accept that short term and long term relapses happen from time to time.
  10. Accept that it was a phase in your life. Breathe that it is over. Smile that you proved that you were stronger than any any any illness.

We’ll be back with a post on the two success stories we received tomorrow and that will conclude our month long series.

Let us know if you found it helpful or think someone else will benefit from it.

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PS: The complete post is written from the phone. Apologies for spelling or grammar issues.

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