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The Not Talked About iOS 11 Features

iOS 11 officially released last week, and there have been reviews and discussions on iOS 11 since the past couple of months. Today, we talk about glaring changes that have not been talked about much.

Files App

File explorer is finally available in iOS. File ESExplorer works wonders in Android, iOS document management was a mess. Till now. You can manage local as well as different cloud platforms.

App Switcher

Gestures have also been revamped. The app switcher on double home button click now does not include the home screen and only includes the apps like in Android.


Swiping down the notifications bar now brings up the lock screen with the notifications on it instead of a different notifications screen.


The apps now have the app names as headings and the font and the size is horrendous Check out the Notes, Files or the AppStore app.


Taling about AppStore, it underwent a major overhaul and we think it might not be for the better. The big, bold headings take up most of the screen space. You will see slight lean in recommended apps towards AR apps. The update/ open buttons have also metamorphosed to their “bolder” versions and you get a daily set of app recommendations.

Icon Changes

As expected, iOS 11 had more icon changes. While most of the icons were minor tweaks, the calculator app had a complete revamp and now looks like an analog old-school calculator.

Well, these were the few changes that we have been having strong opinions about. Have you tried iOS 11 yet? Let us know your views in the comments section below. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!


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