New Year; New Beginnings

New Year Resolutions 2017

Hola peeps!

It’s been more than 10 days since the New Year started and I have been baking and setting the foundation for these resolutions and goals since then. I hope to update the blog with my progress on these goals and resolutions at the end of every month. Maybe this will add to the accountability and I’ll strive to work on it more. So moving ahead with the resolutions and goals.


Professional Resolutions

  1. Double the LBTC audience and readers.
  2. Come up with at least 5 new techniques to engage readers more.
  3. Work towards one collaboration and 5 guest posts this year.

Personal Resolutions

  1. Go on at least one solo trip. (Focus on the “at least”)
  2. Take parents on a trip somewhere. This has been a long wish of mine that my parents refuse to fulfill. But this year I WILL make this happen somehow.
  3. Read different variety of books

Behavioral Resolutions

  1. Sleep early and Wake up early – I am a night owl. I function creatively so much better post 10 PM. Most of my posts are written in that time frame. 10 days since the start of the year and am already failing terribly. But I resolve to make my sleeping habits better bit by bit.
  2. Pick up some form of regular exercise – I am currently deciding between cycling and joining a gym. And I HAVE to pick up dancing again soon, completely dependent on my resolution #1! I am just completely swamped with office work and some family stuff to start planning this.
  3. Save money – I have been keeping track of budgets and spending habits to be able to save money since last month. I am going to go on a book, fashion ban pretty soon to work towards this. Sounds harsh? I have about >50 unread books on my shelf and  Kindle. And at the least 10 clothing items never worn. So I need harsh rules on myself now.
  4. Work on socializing and marketing – Time to break the out of the cocoon.
  5. Try to relax. Be less anxious. Get rid of the negative space in life.
  6. Trust and fall in love.

So what are your resolutions for the New Year? Let us know in the comments below. Read, comment, share, subscribe and don’t forget to spread the love.

Until later,


Dream. Aspire. Plan. Achieve. 

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