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Must Have Productivity Apps

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watch top-productivity-apps Phones and apps have become an extended part of the human body these days. Phones are no more limited to communication and hold our whole life from transportation to books to entertainment to learning to organize our life. While phones with their games are the primary source of distraction, it also acts such a great organizer with the galore of productivity apps available. Today, we discuss our favorite productivity apps we have been loving for years or months. As many of you might already know I use a Google Pixel and many of the apps are Google apps. But we love these apps for their simplicity, scalability, and ease of use over all the other apps we have tried. We will not be talking in detail about the apps but just a few lines on how we use the apps.

Google Keep

follow url Google Keep is Google’s inbuilt app for note taking and what a beautiful combination of beautiful design and simplicity. I use this app to quickly note down ideas, contact information or simple to do notes.

Medium Medium is an absolute joy of an app to read some of the most interesting articles on your favorite subject. If you are a design enthusiast, you would absolutely love the pieces here.


frau kennenlernen nУМrnberg While I still rely on paper todos, sometimes due to unavailability I tend to reach for a digital option. Wunderlist is a simple app that lets you create multiple lists catering to different aspects of your life and they even have a chrome extension that shows up whenever a new tab is opened so you are always on your toes.

ES File Explorer

follow url ES File Explorer lets you browse all the files in your device at one place be it PDFs or MP3s.


here Trello is an organization app that lets you create boards for multiple projects. Each board, in turn, have to do lists to organize various aspects of the project. Absolutely love using them to organize LBTC’s post series and other projects I am working on.

Chrome Chrome is the default Pixel browser and it syncs my bookmarks, history and even tabs with my desktop and is an absolute must-have for me.


forex insättning nordea I have tried all the top Calendar apps on the Play store and the App store and Google Calendar beats all of them because of its rich functionalities combined with a fairly easy to use interface. Since Gmail is my default email client, it seamlessly handles my travel and event plans.


go to site The holy grail of blogging. I outline my blog posts and full on write them on Evernote and it becomes so much easier to add to the points on the go with the app.

Google Now

source site Google Now is kind of my only source of news. Seamlessly integrated with a left swipe on the home screen, I can easily read all about the topics I care about, with an option to customise my areas of interests as well.


An app that I love but still use the minimum. The Buffer app is used by millions of bloggers to schedules posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I mainly use this to push Instagram photos from my laptop to my device.

Splitwise, Pushbullet, Pocket

I have talked about these three apps and why I love them in a post here.

Well, that were all our favorite productivity apps we are enjoying currently. What are your favorite apps at the moment? Let us know in the comments below. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!


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