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Must Haves Trends In Your Wardrobe


Classic cuts, silhouettes, and fabrics are staples in every wardrobe and are also part of every single must-haves list. But, we sometimes tend to ignore the different trends that are also must-haves. Today, we talk two trends that have been loved for quite some time and are still in vogue.

Lace Alert

Lace neck detailed peplum top from Shopper’s Stop
Lace back top from ABOF

Lace is by far my most favorite trend of ‘em all. I have multiple pieces in lace. Lace is such a tease. It can oomph up an outfit in a jiffy and still look classy. My favorite lace top is a black peplum top from Shopper’s Stop, which has a beautiful lace neck detail. Another one of my risqué favorites is this red top from ABOF which has an almost complete lacy back.

Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are such a statement trend. A very simple top or shirt with bell sleeves can elevate the look from a plain ol’ Jane to something trendy AF.  Not only does it up the style quotient, it also adds such a classy touch to the outfit. The top I am wearing an Elliza Donatein top from Shopper’s Stop. The color is a bright hot pink and the bell sleeves are the highlight of the day. I have styled the top with a thin belt to give some shape to the otherwise straight cut top.

Do you own any clothing items on the lace or bell sleeves trend? Let us know in the comments below. Check out all LBTC’s must-haves here. Read, comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!

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