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Must Haves In Your Wardrobe – Outerwear 101


It has been so long since we did the last Must Haves In Your Wardrobe series and it is about time we brought her back! The series holds a dear place in my heart as LBTC started with a Must Haves post! Today, we talk outerwear. This is jacket 101.

Jackets are essential to any wardrobe as one of the most functional pieces. They are versatile and can instantly change a formal look to a party wear and vice versa. Jackets can uplift the drabbest of outfits to something chic in a moment. They protect you from the chilly air conditioned rooms and are so much more functional than scarves. You can find jackets in so many varieties, today we talk two of the must haves!

Colored Jacket

A bright colored jacket is the easiest way to pep up a drab outfit to a dazzling one. Pair this with a monochrome look to be the fashion diva! The best way to adorn a colorful jacket is over a head to toe black look. This allows you to keep the look simple yet catch everyone’s eyes with your jacket. I own a rust orange colored crop jacket from Harpa. We love the chic look that the pop of color and the silver buttons add to the outfit.



If a bright splash of color is not your cup of tea, you can opt for toned down colors such as this rust colored one from Tom Tailor or a more subtle olive green like this one from ASOS.

Formal Neutral colored

A formal look is never complete without a fitted blazer. While having multiple formal jackets that work with different blouses is great, owning one in a neutral black, white or gray is essential in every wardrobe. If white is too high maintenance and black too mainstream, opt for a gray jacket for a super chic look. The one I own is a cropped gray colored New Look jacket which was a gift from my sister.



If you are looking for options, this gray one from ASOS with dropped lapel is a super chic jacket to don to work and we are absolutely crushing on this white jacket from ASOS.


So, do you own one of these must haves in your wardrobe? Tag us in your must haves on all our social media platforms listed below. Also, let us know how you liked our key pieces. Do comment, share and spread the love.

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