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January – February Favorites

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migliori strategie opzioni binarie 60 secondi I have always loved watching and reading monthly favorites but I never try enough stuff every month to actually have favorites every four weeks. So, I am planning to have a bimonthly series instead and frankly, February has been such a busy month and these were the absolute stars.

Fashion Let’s start with fashion. Even though I did do a little ethnic shopping this time (haul coming up soon!), I haven’t had the chance to actually don them anywhere, so these fashion favorites are from the wardrobe but they indeed stole my heart these past two months! forex sistemleri Gray Flatforms


I recently got a pair of new gray flatforms and they have become my absolute favorite pair. First and foremost the color is an unconventional gray but still is formal and chic. Secondly, they are THE comfiest pair of shoes EVER. It feels like walking on a cloud.

site rencontre amicale ado Blue Jacket


I have had this jacket for three years but had never encountered a chance to actually wear it. Being in the software world means there are nearly zero situations for me to dress formally. We recently had an office party and I finally donned this baby with a little white dress for a semi-formal look.


hombre solteros en mexico Frio Bistro & CIBO House, Hyderabad


As mentioned earlier, January and February were full of outings and parties and I tried multiple restaurants in the time frame and two restaurants need to be mentioned as the absolute favorite of them all Frio Bistro and CIBO House. All of the dishes we ordered here were top notch, mouth salivating and something we all loved. Cibo is a buffet place with Italian, European and Continental cuisine. And they served lasagna in a chutney bowl. A chutney bowl! It was the cutest and the ideal main course serving at a buffet place.


I agree I am not a big foodie but I am a very very picky eater so I tend to try different brands of my favorites then and again to see if I can find better options. binary options no deposit bonus july 2013 Chocolate Eclair in Prost, Hyderabad

We recently had a team outing in Prost and all the items we ordered were delish and finger looking good. While we were completely full at the end of lunch, the chocolate eclair looked too yummy to pass and damn tasty it was. I wish we waiting long enough to click a picture of the same though :P.

binär optionen comdirect Brittania Deaux Biscuits


Chocolate and biscuits are a combination made in heaven. And Deaux takes a different take on this <jodi> with layers and it took the biscuits out of the park. Brittania’s Winkin Cow Choco Shake

Chocolate shakes are my favorite drink (apart from my love coke) and I have tried multiple brands over the years. Cavin’s and Hershey’s chocolate milk have been my go-to favorites for a year or so. I recently tried Brittania’s Winkin Cow Choco shake and it is hands down the thickest and yummiest of them all.


We had around 2-3 outings these past two months and I never imagined I would have two experiences to mention in my favorites! SkyZone Trampoline


First up was a trampoline park we visited in February. I did not know that a concept of trampoline park existed and woah what a great idea it turned out! They had normal trampolines, a trampoline basketball court, a trampoline duel and so on! If you have one in your city, I recommend this 100% for a great hour.

see url GoKarting

I tried go-karting around 6-7 years back before I knew how to drive and I literally bumped into the sidewalk every 100 meters. So the idea of go-karting again was exciting but still somewhat embarrassing. But I came through, I did the whole 7 laps without a bump and came in third last and had a ball pushing on the accelerator and feeling the wind on my face. I finally remembered how much I love driving!


I actually finished 14 books off these past two months (although 6 of them were short stories) and I have two favorites so far. “A Conjuring Of Light” by V. E. Schwab is the final installment in the “Shades of Magic” series that follows four Londons in different states of magical abilities. “Every Day” by “David Levithan” is a brilliant young adult story of a soul that changes body every single day and lives their life one different life at a time.

TV Show

One word – Scandal. It is THE bomb and Olivia Pope is the handbag-carrying-sharp-dressed-girl-boss we all needed in our lived! If you still haven’t jumped on the wagon, do it NOW!


I had so many truly happy moments these two months and picking one was truly difficult actually. But one moment won over all the others. I met a really good friend of mine after 2 years and we spent less than an hour together but it was still so worth all the trouble.

Well, these were our favorites for the last two months. What new did you do in the first two months of 2018? Let us know in the comments below. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!

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