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iPhone X – Innovations & Apprehensions

iPhone X Review

The new iPhones are here and so are innumerous reviews and hands-on experiences on the phone. New products, operating systems, and new series were introduced at the 2017 Apple Special Event. While we have another post discussing the keynote, presentations and the other products unveiled, today is dedicated to iPhone X – the features we loved and hated!

Face ID

  1. Since the Face recognition is local to the phone, the power of recognition is a little questionable.
  2. iPhone X again has the “raise to wake” feature and as soon as it is awake it starts to scan for a face. This will cause problems when it is continuously scanning when someone else has it or holds it and you will HAVE to enter your pin to enter your phone. (Yes, there will be an option to disable raise to wake, but don’t we all just love the convenience of not needing to press a button to wake? I know I do.)
  3. Since there is no control on the phone per se, it remains an open question if it will keep trying to id my face every time I look at my phone for the time or notifications. It probably will.
  4. Now talking about the algorithm at hand, it still remains a question how it will behave under low light conditions. Face ID will fail if you wear sunglasses. Did you notice how the keynote had people with glasses but not sunglasses? While this might be true for other iris scanners as well, they do have the backup option of a fingerprint ID. Also, will the phone need to be always held at the same angle or will the top (my best angle) or bottom (the double chin angle) angle of my face work equally well?
  5. The next point obviously is the lack of a non-password backup option.
  6. Also, the phone will only support one face per phone. Whaaaaay?

Bezel Less Design

  1. Though not completely void of bezels, the iPhone does adopt the full-screen experience like it’s Android counterparts have been adopting since last year. Unlike Samsung though, Apple decided to utilise the surface area around the sensors for the display as well. Is there an advantage of having 1/4th of the screen width on either side of the sensors? We do not know.
  2. The “notch-design” as it is being called seems more like a continuity break in the screen and also looks like will lead to data loss (image with a patch missing) and awkward view controllers all over the place.

Gesture Interactions

  1. Finally, Apple has removed the beloved single home button, but instead of relying on soft buttons they have opted to go with gestures. Trust me, I love gestures and have had multiple projects experimenting on what works and what does not. But overloading gestures has a high probability of false positives and reaching the desired outcome will be difficult. It might end up as a bad idea when the said gesture needs to be performed around hundred times a day. This can be easily seen in the current iPhones as well. Current iPhones support special functionalities like VoiceOver etc on triple tap. Navigating around the phone with this option enabled is
    cumbersome, to say the least. You will get used to it but you will end up with the wrong actions more than often.
  2. The removing of the home button also leads to overloading of the power button. Now, a single tap is lock-unlock, double tap is Siri and long press is phone off. We might also see an Android-like volume and power button combo for a screenshot. Be prepared for random Siri outbursts at times now.

Other features

  1. iPhone this time has a glass body which looks stunning but also might be my worst enemy as I am a clumsy creature.
  2. As expected the camera has improved, so thumbs up!
  3. The portrait mode is finally on the selfie cam and so are the amazing “DSLR-like” lighting effects which look uber cool. (How I wish simulator could give me a glimpse into this as well!)
  4. Wireless charging YAY! (PS: I have NEVER used a wireless charger but people seem excited about this!)

Well, while it may seem long, it still seems like nothing. A lot of fans and Apple fanatics have been as disappointed with the device as we are. Check out reviews from techies who have played with the device below.


Did you see the keynote this year? Did you like the iPhone X? Let us know in the comments below. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!


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