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InShorts Design Review

Pic Courtesy: InShorts is a platform that delivers news that matter to you in a concise, easy to use and beautiful manner. The news provides the complete gist of the article in 60 words or less so that it fits on a screen with options to browse the complete news piece as well. Well, that was opcje binarne rachunek demo InShorts introduced in the way they would introduce any news piece. InShorts has easily grown to become one of the best news apps now on the market. The presentation of their content and the overall app design from the start have hugely attributed to this success. I was wowed by the idea when I heard about it years back but it used to crash a lot on my earlier phone in the starting days. I knew I had to pick them up when it replaced almost all other apps for people all around in the last couple of years.

Visual Design

forex ing loris Let’s talk about the logo first. The InShorts (earlier known as News In Shorts) logo is pretty simple and neat red and white icon. The interesting story about the logo is that the three rows are the morse code characters for N, I and S. Simple yet mind-blowingly brilliant. I have often hit myself on why I did not think this myself.

745acd76ef75a23e82c9720c4e8779a2 inshorts-design The overall design of the app is simple yet appealing. They use white space generously to allow the user a breath while going through categories.While tooltips are one of the easiest ways to guide a user for their first time experience, most apps do not get them right. InShorts relies on hovering and intuitive tooltips to guide the user through the app at various points. And they have gorgeous notifications that allow sharing of content from the notification itself. The only thing that irks me is the disparity between the logo and the overall color scheme of the app. The logo is red and white and the app’s color scheme is blue. On a side note, we strongly feel blue is so overdone in apps at this moment. Users totally can handle teal or mauve. Bring them on!

Why It Works inshorts-design

We live in a world of information overload. The amount of data available for consumption is staggering and increasing at a similar rate. Apps like medium bought customized blog posts to the scene, where you can choose the kind of content you want to see and InShorts did the same for News. Then they went ahead and made time a crucial part of the design. I’ll be very honest, my main source of news has been Twitter and the Google Now app that customizes my choices based on blogs/ websites I have visited earlier. But I NEVER get the gist of an article from a Google Now card. I always have to read the article with the catchy title. InShorts takes out this time wasted from this equation by presenting the news in 60 words or less with an option to delve deeper into the matter if one wishes to.

Tinder For News inshorts-design

option binary syste The biggest takeaway from the popularity of Tinder was how users loved simple gestures. Swipe left or right have now become a unanimous language for approval or disapproval. InShorts introduced the same gestures into your daily news routine with “Swipe up for next”, “Swipe left for more” actions that just work seamlessly when one is on the go. InShorts is a perfect example of how a simple idea when paired with intelligent design can make a huge difference in the product’s life and longevity. Do you use InShorts? Which app do you rely on for everyday news? Let us know in the comments below! Check out more of our design review posts here. Until later,



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