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see url We have often talked about great design we have encountered in the real world and we love doing that but sometimes Pinterest gives us so many brilliant ideas that they NEED to be discussed.

Wall Lamp

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A wall lamp that looks like a table lamp. Functional and aesthetic, just like how I like my designs. 😀 Source:

Tilting Kettle great designs

watch Pouring liquids out of a kettle is the hardest part of working with one. One angle off and you have hot water all over your hand or the counter. Enter a steady kettle that has the inbuilt ability to tilt and pour liquids at the exact same angle every single time. Just think about the use cases for the elderly and the physically impaired.

opciones binarias realidad Source:

A Rethought Tape Dispenser

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source site Think of a tape dispenser and what is the first picture that comes to your mind? The clunky dispenser you have been seeing since you were a kid? Well somebody rethought it and made it to a finger held device. And what a brilliant outcome! Source:

Hospital Bed with Inbuilt Wheelchair

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God forbid if you ever have had to spend a night in a hospital or are in the medical community, you would know how difficult it is to transfer patients from a bed to a wheelchair and vice-versa. The next design is that of a hospital bed with an inbuilt wheelchair that makes the transfer an effortless process.



great designs

Next up is bookshelf that has an inbuilt booklight and an option to save the page you are currently reading as well. Talk about three birds with one stone.


Have you discovered brilliant little designs on your Pinterest browsing sessions? Let us know all about them in the comments below. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!

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