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What Goes In A Care Package?

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in the post and the series are based on personal experience and knowledge gained from freely available articles.

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We talked about care packages in the post where we talk about getting out of panic attacks.

What Is A Care Package

A care package does not necessarily mean a literal package. It might be a random corner in your house where you have all your favorite things that can instantly lift your mood. Or it could be a bag with these things or a box or any place accessible to you.

What Goes In A Care Package

Today, we talk about what can go in a care package. Some of the things we suggest to include are:

  1. Your favorite music
  2. Your favorite teddy bear/ childhood toy
  3. A coloring book + art supplies
  4. Favorite book
  5. Your favorite chocolate or candy
  6. Tea bags
  7. Scented candle
  8. Photographs of family, friends and all your loved ones
  9. Messages from yourself to reassure yourself


These are a few items in my care package. Still, working on the messages to myself. I know that will be the most reassuring when I am at my lowest place mentally. Any other suggestions for our care package? Let us know.

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