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Fashion Wishlist : The Want Edition fashion wish list want edition

Our last wishlist was “want-them-but-can’t-find” wishlist and this time it is more like “I have no use for them but I want them nonetheless” wishlist. These are five things that do not fit into my daily outfits but I am still craving them for some reason and it looks we will be succumbing to the desire soon. *Evil grin*

Embroidered Mesh Trend

T3 Total osana bin laden johansson ylöjärvi HUOM! Kurssille mahtuu vielä. Ilmoittautumisia otetaan vastaan torstaihin 8.9. asti.

Tadalafil Oral Strips Australia täytekakku täyte fuego copenhagen Kaakkois-Helsingin mielenterveysseura MieTo ry järjestää here this one from The Hype and this one from Koovs.  

Tee Shirt Dress

fashion wish list want edition tee shirt dress
Pic courtesy: Koovs

click I have been on the lookout for a shirt and a tee shirt dress for a long long time now. I recently scored a pretty shirt dress during the sale season this year, but I have still been unlucky with the tee shirt dress, mostly because I hate simple tee shirts and logic dictates it will be the same with tee shirt dresses. But, the comfort of the breezy cottony dresses has been very alluring. This one from Koovs is the definition of cuteness.

Fishnet Stockings

see url I do not understand why I am drawn to this trend, but I really want to get my hands or rather feet on a pair of fishnet socks and stockings. I am NOT a socks or stockings lover and I rarely wear them. But, I envision pairing the socks with my white canvas shoes and the stockings with my red shirt dress that I absolutely am loving. While I wanted something like these but how cute are these pink ones from F21?


fashion wish list want edition boots
Pic courtesy: Forever 21

go site I had a pretty pair of boots I scored from a local market in Delhi a long time ago. It fell apart after prolonged use in the Delhi winters. Post that, I moved to the southern part of India where we are not blessed with winters. I know I will have absolutely no use for the pair apart from lookbooks but God I want them and how! While I am so drawn to these combat style boots, I think I might go for these cutout boots instead.


fashion wish list want edition patches
Pic courtesy: Amazon What is up with this trend and why am I drawn so much to it that I keep looking for them on all the sites! Again something that does not fit into my formal attire that I usually wear and nor my casual attire but SO MUCH WANT. I liked this not embarrassingly pricey (still pricey though) from Amazon.

binary options demokonto unbegrenzt Well, it felt like I bared the most insane part of myself showing you things that I have no need of but just want want want. Hit me up if you know where I can get my hands on any of these for some reasonable price so they don’t burn a hole in my pockets. Let us know what is in your “Don’t-need-but-want” wishlist in the comments below. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love.


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