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Fash Quickie: Go Monochrome


Love monochrome but always left wondering how to incorporate monochrome to your outfit in some other way than the boring black-white dress or shirt-pant combo? You are at the absolute right place! Today’s quickie outfit idea is here to help. It’s time to move over the black and white dress or the white frilly shirt black pants combo and please ditch the white top and the the black striped skirt. Dare to venture into new styles this time with us!

Pair a black and white striper palazzo pants with a high collar black tee shirt and you have a monochromatic casual outfit at your disposal. Spike it up with a high waisted palazzo with a lacy bralette.






Alternatively you could also go for striped or checkered structured pants.

dorothy-perkins-black-checked-chinos-9228-4717472-2-pdp_slider_s      dorothy-perkins-multicoloured-checked-chinos-3726-0886472-1-pdp_slider_s

Wanna add a pop of color to this style? Add a twist by pairing up a tricolored striped pants with a black or the third color crop top. This pops up the outfit a little but still keeps the outfit simple and basic.



So did you like the idea of these fashion quickies? Drop a line in the comments below to let us know your opinion. Spread the love.

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