Evolution refers to the progressive development of something. It also refers to the way species adapt to different environment around them. We were scorched by the sun, we took to a banana leaf to protect us which then with time evolved to the present design umbrella. A wired telephone improved with time to a bulky cellphone to a tiny Moto cell phone to the present beautiful world of iPhones and Androids. As they say, Change is the only constant in life and changes or as they say trends in the fashion world are even more fast paced and change with each passing season. Clothing,, accessories, jewellery all gain and lose popularity with passing time and at times reemerge with life anew. Through the evolution series, we present to you the fashion trends in individual areas as seen on the fashionistas in the last decades. Our research confines to the trends that were carried fashionably by stylist divas through the years. So, when did the LBD become the fashion staple to own? When did the lovely ladies start wearing pants that used to be a mens’ staple? What shoe trend was popularized by the hippie era of the 1970s? Interested in our little infographics? Stay tuned. Coming soon.