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go site “Design” has made life so much easier in ways you can not even imagine. “Design” is the reason technology become immersive in our lives. We have talked bad designs before, but sometimes it feels like design eludes some objects like avoiding a plague. Today, we discuss two such objects – the heartsore “Remote Controls” and “QR Codes”.

Remote Control

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operar opções binárias First and foremost is every UX and design lover’s pet peeve and how can one disagree. I agree there are many more modern options and apps available to control the electronics but the disparity breaks my heart. We are not talking about the difficulty in finding the right keys at the start or the need for multiple remotes. Frankly, multiple remotes trump single remote that needs to be carried everywhere. We are talking about the effort it takes every single day to attain a goal.

click here The channels are reachable via their assigned numbers or via a complicated list of categories as cumulated by the company. My mother has her channel numbers memorized and father and I spend minutes just trying to reach the channel we want to watch. Why not switch to a touchscreen with some brain instead? We have multitudes of dirt cheap smartphones that can be dumbed down further to work as a simple remote. The intelligence can keep track of multiple last seen channels, help me skip the non-available channels, and get to my end point with a single search button. Now doesn’t that sound sweet? And same goes for that AC remote, You can now see what that fan button does and whether it is ON or OFF.  

QR Code Reader

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go NEL 2018 ! Lunedì 29 gennaio - ore 21-23 Video conferenza serale gratuita . Il 2017 è stato un anno positivo per i mercati finanziari ma How do you generally share your information, say the address or business card to a person right in front of you? A message or a physical card? How do you share the URL of your newly released blog or website when presenting somewhere? Shortened URLs? By relying on these old school techniques, you are missing out on one of the coolest inventions in the world at the moment – QR codes! QR Codes are awesome! Have you ever encountered a QR code in your life? They can store any information in the world in a square inch. You can encode and decode business cards, URLs, addresses, you name it. The technology is freely licensed and you will find scores of sites and apps that encode and decode QR codes. They are the easiest way to share information and the least used in our opinion, losing to messages and shortened URLs. Why you ask? Due to the seldom use of the tech by the big giants and the unavailability of an app or site that is not plagued with ads. And if I encounter a QRCode in the washroom or waiting for an elevator, the last thing I want to do is download and install such an app to get to the site. Too many steps and the conversion rate falls in a second.

get link QR code decoding involves a camera and with a native camera app available on every single person’s device, it is baffling that it is not inbuilt. I agree it is not the ideal use of a camera as envisioned by the company but a simple tab is not invasive or going to hurt anyone and can popularise the sweetest form of data sharing ever. Get on with it Google, Apple. Tsk tsk.

binary options interactive brokers Well, these were our ideas on how to ease two main pain points in our lives. Easy access to entertainment and easy sharing of information. Do you have better ideas on how these problems can be fixed or how QR codes can be popularised? Drop us a note! Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!

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