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utiluzzo robot opzioni digitali I confess – I am an organization freak. My Pinterest searches are filled with organization tips and tricks and such other hacks. When I finally decided to touch base again with my artsy side, I knew the first item had to a be a planner. I wanted something to keep my to-do lists organized, plan my budget monthly, plan my blog posts and a planner from the scratch just made more sense.

go site The planner front is simple. Blog. Code. Enjoy. Repeat. Which is my mantra of life these days. The backside has all my loves displayed. LBTC, reading, Rishi, photography, dance and travel.

go site Going inside, first on the left hand side, you see my failed attempt of attaching a notebook for quick reference. The first page that you see is a dashboard where I have kept all the sticky notes and page flags that I use in the planner. Another confession: I am a big sucker for sticky notes. The major chunk of money I spent on this planner is on sticky notes. The second page is a postbox kind of page where I store my extra stickies. I will talk about my sticky note collection later.

top option trading hours Next is the divider from where my Blog stuff starts. First is a divider envelope to hold empty punched sheets that can be used to note down stuff in the planner. Next is an owl marker that points to the page where I store my ideas. The next is another postbox kind of storage page where I store and organize my post ideas amongst other things. I also keep a sticky note with general to dos related to the site. Next comes my monthly blog post planner where I keep the posts I post during the weeks. I also intend to use this for my social media engagement tasks in the future. After the monthly spreads is my Blog Content Planner, which I downloaded from The design was so complete and included all the fields that I wanted in my blog content planner that I thought it was best to use the already perfect planner instead of designing my own. Also, I LOVE the font. These conclude my blog planner section.

click Now, we move onto our life planner section. First is the calendar year at a glance so I can plan according to festivals or holidays I’ve planned. Next is the page where I have outlined my life goals. These are the long term goals I plan to achieve in my life. The next page outlines my year goals both on career as well as personal front. Next is my wishlist of items that I am hoping I’ll be able to buy soon. Next comes the bucket list and idea page. Colored blocks on the bucket list signify I have been successful in completing them. Yay me! BTW did you notice that skydiving has been colored off? B-) Next two pages are my travel destinations in India that according to me, my friends and the world wide web are must see places before you die. After this, we begin with our monthly spreads. Each month begins with a tabbed divider that also mentions the month as well as a quote by yours truly. Next, we have the monthly spread where I can take a glance at all the activities planned for the month. I also use this page to plan my good habits per week. As you can see first week of September is No Sweets week, second is 2 teas per week and so on. Next I have my list of bills that need to be paid off every month. Just lets me keep track of all the bills that are overdue. Just complimenting the bills page is the Budget Planner page where I plan my budget and track the expenses at the end of the month. Then begins the daily planners where the subsections include a To-Do list, Goal of the Day, Meetings/ Appointments of the day, Calls to be made during the day, Entertainment dose of the day and expenses incurred.

I also have a bookmark that helps me find the page of the day. At the end of the planner I have a clear plastic sheet where I keep the notes that is not relevant anymore or have served it’s purposes. Lastly, we have a clear plastic sheet with all the loose stickers or papers that I use in my planner. How did you like the design of my planner? Do you have some cool techniques that you use to decorate your planner? Let me know in the comments below.

Until Later,
VaniPS: I haven’t forgotten about the sticky notes collection. Apart from the normal ones you saw in the planner, I have adorable froggy ones, mustache ones, lollipop ones and these sheep ones. I am eagerly waiting for my sister to pay me a visit so I can get my hands on many more different types of sticky notes that’s available over there. Till then, they complete the sticky family. 🙂

click Normal sticky notes      Frog sticky notes

Lollipop sticky notes cover      lollipop sticky notes

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