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Design your vision board - Things you need

Hola people!

If you read the planning post or watched the video, you might have seen my vision boards and my love for the concept. Today, we discuss what one can and should include in your vision board.

Before we go ahead, let’s talk about the vision boards, their importance and if they work.

What is a vision board?

Design your vision board - Final Product

A vision board or dream board is a visual tool that aids in motivation towards life goals. The vision board is not supposed to act as your daily to do list but as a motivation towards the bigger goals in your lives aka passion, dreams etc. Vision boards can be digital or physical. While Pinterest boards are the best thing ever, they are always locked behind many screen wipes and do not work well as an inspiration or idea board. Don’t be afraid to get some physical boards to work upon. The best thing about physical boards is that they are always visible and even if not directly in front of your eyes, your brain perceives the board and the things you pinned and they will stay on your mind. Hang it where it will be visible throughout the day and preferably at a location such that it is the first thing you see in the morning. A constant reminder of your passion, dreams, creative things and motivational pieces will do wonders for your life.

Does this work?

Humans are very visual beings. A fine example of this behavior is portrayed by the movie “Drishyam”. A human being tends to remember and retain pictures more than words. Let’s do a quick exercise. Can you remember the Gringott’s break-in scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Now how well do you remember the chapter? I am a hardcore HP fan and I do remember the scene and I remember the scene painted by the books but the words elude me. And I have read the book 5+ times. Another book that insists on visualization and actually introduced me to the concept was “The Secret”. As per The Secret, gratitude and visualization are the two most powerful processes to help make one’s desires manifest. Visualization is said to help focus the mind to send out the clearest message to the universe. The book gives examples of people claimed to have used visualization successfully to make their dreams manifest. [1]

Personally, I always feel pictures work wonders for me. I have been using motivational posters, quotes and what I want to achieve on my walls as a means to motivate my lazy ass and it has worked. In the recent times, the strength to work towards my Project 2017 has been because of my vision board. (Smashed that project BTW! Deets coming soon!) The visual world has worked out really well for me in the past and I am excited to try this out to realize my bigger dreams.

What should go on a vision board?

Things to include in your vision board Things to include in your vision board Things to include in your vision board

Anything long term goes here. Anything creative, motivational, that you are passionate about goes in your vision board. Some ideas of items that you can pin on your board, but do not be afraid to think outside the box and get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Life goals
  2. Yearly goals
  3. Dream project you are working on
  4. Weight loss motivations
  5. Dream company/ people you would like to work with
  6. People, projects, places that inspire your work and life
  7. Motivational quotes
  8. Pictures – places, people, things!
  9. Pretty things for the right side of your brain
  10. Anything you want!

You can even take a cue from Homer Simpson and convert negative statements to positive affirmations. [2]

Don’t be afraid to crowd the board or go beyond. If you like symmetry, go for it, else smash them all in. You just need to see a bit to remind you what needs to be done or what you aspire.

Now that we have talked about why vision boards are necessary if they work, what should go in, join me while I design my current vision board.

If you do end up creating a vision board for yourself, do tag us in your Insta pictures or FB pictures. Don’t forget to comment. share and spread the love!

Design your vision board - From this
From this


Design your vision board - Final Product
To this

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