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Design Review: Bed Table Hello world!
With this post, LBTC is introducing a new series called “Design Review” where we talk design of everyday things. (Also any suggestions for a better name?)

binary option strategies for nadex\'a=0 Today in focus is the bed table that we have been using since the past 6 months. The bed table we are reviewing is from the Royal Oak and retails for Rs. 2308 and we got it for Rs. 1235. We’ll be talking about the design and doing a round up of the positive and negative points of the design.

The Design The table has a black color finish and looks really chic and regal. The table has two rounded legs with two anti slip grips on each leg. The top part of the table has two sections, one to rest the laptop and another to hold your mouse/ notebook etc. The laptop section has a support panel that prevents the laptop from slipping.

The Bed Table

الخيارات الثنائية بينوكيو استراتيجية The laptop section also has adjustable tilt with four possible angles for the same and the angle can be shifted using the lever stand on the back of the section.

The four different tilts of the laptop section

opziopni binarie The table has an adjustable height and can be set high or low depending upon the person using it and there are three possible heights. The height can be adjusted using pushing the levers on the legs and pushing or pulling the legs themselves.

The table at the full height
The table at the medium height
The levers to adjust the table height

الخيارات الثنائية إشارات الموالية للاستعراض The product has collapsible legs and the legs go inside the top part and is very convenient to store.

The tilt lever and the anti slip grips
The table in the collapsed state

go We have been absolutely loving the table and it has been in our corner since day 1. Taking a look at the positive and negative points of the design.

Love it!

  1. The table has adjustable height and tilt.
  2. The width of the product is apt and fits in my knees which actually is a pretty big issue for comfort if your legs do not fit underneath them.
  3. It has round legs and it does not leave dents on the bed which is a great plus!
  4. The slip proof support panel earns a brownie point on the design aspect.
  5. Adjusting the tilt is easy peasy and can be done with the laptop on the stand.
  6. The legs are collapsible and is super easy to store.

Don’t like it!

  1. I do not use a mouse and use the non-laptop section to hold my planner/ notebook and my cup of tea or milk. Since I use it usually on the bed, there are lots of times I spilled my drink because of the wonky legs.
  2. The anti slip grips on the legs fell off in the first couple of weeks. *Grumpy face*

Hate it!

  1. The adjustable height is not at all easy to use. Pushing the levers and pulling/ pushing the legs is very uncomfortable and leaves it in an unstable position. * angry face *
  2. The tilt of the laptop section is not lockable and proves to be pain in the ass when trying to store or hold it from the wrong side.
The laptop stand falls out when held from the other side So that’s our take on the bed table and the positives outweigh the negatives both design as well as usability wise and we are in love with our little buddy here. What do you guys use or are you one of them who work on a proper table and chair? Let us know in the comments below! Do share, subscribe and don’t forget to spread the love!

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