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Design in Focus: Netflix

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We are back this week with another design review post! The post started out as a comparative post between the popular online video streaming platforms Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and our very own Hotstar, we had so much to say about the design that collating them into one post just seemed wrong. So, today we talk only Netflix. We discuss what the overall design of the website is, what design elements we love and what we hate!

Netflix has been around as a DVD rental company since the past two decades and moved to an online streaming website in the past couple of years. After being a huge success worldwide, Netflix arrived in India sometime last year.

This is the Netflix first page. You see the shows in “My List” that you selected when setting up the account.

On hovering over a show/ movie, you see a brief synopsis of the same.

On clicking the show or movie name, you get more details about it like the number of seasons, rating, actors etc etc. While this screen confuses the user on how he can choose a specific episode to play, scrolling down he has the option to see episodes season wise as well as similar shows or movies.


If this is not the first time you are opening Netflix, you will also see shows/ movies that you can continue watching.

On the top of the screen, you can browse shows/ movies of various genres.

Next to that is the option to view all kids’ content.

On the top right corner, we have the search bar. The search is not mere title search but the content wise search as well. On searching a show with a unique name, you get the content you wished to see.


But if the title you have in mind is a little more common, you can see a plethora of options around it.

Next to the search bar is the notifications bell where you get notifications of new episodes of a show you are watching etc.

Next to the notifications icon is the profile icon, where you can quickly access the kids content, manage profiles, view your accounts, go to the help center or sign out of Netflix.

On watching a video in a resized window, the video resizes itself according to the window size.

This is Netflix in the fullscreen mode. On the top of the screen, you have a back button. At the bottom bar, you have the play pause button, volume control, name, season and episode details of the movie/ show and on the right side of the toolbar, we have the enter/ exit fullscreen button, option for audio/subtitles and finally a “Report Error” icon.

The “Report Error” icon allows the user to quickly report any issues with the video play.

When trying to use Netflix on two tabs on the same device, an error is thrown.



Now, that we have discussed every part of the website in detail, let’s discuss the design elements we loved and hated!

Love it!

  1. Easy help options from anywhere on the screen.
  2. Clean interface.
  3. Has an option to like or dislike the video.

Hate it!

  1. The video does not pause by clicking in the middle of the video area.
  2. No option to rewind or fast forward the video by 10 seconds or so. Requires manual seeking on the seek bar.
  3. Cannot choose the quality of the video stream.
  4. Cannot view multiple videos at the same time on the same device!
  5. Only displays the remaining time of the video.
  6. Navigation to a specific episode etc is not simple or easy.

Well, we guess the content is the only reason we are still stuck to Netflix at the moment!

Have you tried Netflix yet? Let us know what you thought of its design? Let us know in the comments below!

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