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The Design of Doodle Kit

Doodle Kit is a comprehensive set of products that helps one get started (and better) with doodling — one of the most powerful tools for creativity.

I stumbled upon Doodle Kit on Instagram a couple of months back and was super excited to try it out. Today, we talk all about it!


The Doodle kit comes in a small cloth drawstring bag and contains the following items.

Doodle Kit
Contents of the Doodle Kit
  1. “How To Become A Doodle Master” instruction manual
  2. A wad of paper to doodle on
  3. Black marker
  4. Doodle Stamp
  5. Sparkles
  6. Yellow highlighter
  7. Information card about the “Doodle Kit”

Love it!

  1. The idea of the Doodle kit is not only innovative but amazing as well. Although it is difficult to assemble a kit on a theme, the kit does a pretty bang on job.
  2. The instruction manual is fun as well as great for a beginner.
  3. The quality and the presentation of the kit again is top-notch.
  4. The brain behind the kit also conducts doodling workshops, where you or a child can pick up more doodling tips along with the kit.
Doodle Kit
A few pages of the “How To Become A Doodle Master” instruction manual


  1. The individual tools and their usefulness wrt doodling are questionable. Although the kit does mention a couple of activities with the stamp and glitter, there was no activity mentioned with a highlighter. I also do not understand the need for a highlighter for doodling. Although I loved the stamp, sans the ink this pretty moot for most people. 
  2. While being priced at 749 rupees, the kit is not overpriced or costly BUT the price feels a little steep for the contents we receive.
 Overall the Doodle Kit is a great purchase if you want to try your hand at doodling and especially if you have a kid. I’d suggest to attend the workshop as well as I know Rohit Soni has many tricks up his sleeve that would be valuable for a kid to pick up.  

Have you tried the Doodle Kit? Let us know in the comments below. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love! 

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