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Colors & Cinema

Colors and cinema

Colors can be used to represent various moods and characteristics. Be it the color of an outfit, shades used in a painting or the color of your walls, they either click or they don’t. Today, we look at how popular culture associated with different colors.

Sassy & Bright

Bright colors have been used since time immemorial to depict happy occasions. Bright yellow, orange, blues, and greens have extensively used by popular cultures to denote periods of happiness and joy.

Shades of Red

Shades of red have different significances in different cinema. Indian cinema associates the color with brides and the institution of marriage. Western culture tends to associate the color with sex and boldness. Like wearing a red dress is an instant oomph enhancer and so is wearing a red lipstick shade.

Soft & Sweet

Soft colors – be it white, beige or pastels are often adorned in sensitive and soft environments. Be it a hospital or to portray an innocent character. These colors add to the innocence of the character.

Black or White

Just like reds, White/ black are depicted in different ways in different cultures. While Indian cinemas associates white with death, western cinema do the same with black. Black in Indian cinema is usually adorned by people in power or control.

Black & White

While black and white both signify two different moods, the combination of the two almost always signify class and elegance. The era of black and white cinema which is fondly remembered as a time of simplicity and elegance has a huge part to play in this.

Retro Vibes

In cinema, colors with less saturation aka retro colors are often used when an old memory is depicted. The retro colors bring in a vintage vibe that enhances the old world charm of memories and adds the age that is being depicted.

Dark & Broody

In accordance to gray storms and cloudy says, dark shades of colors are used to represent sadness, anger, and fear. This is one of the reasons, villains are usually shown in dark black, grey or purple garb.


Using colors as an integral part of scene design is an art that cinema continues to exploit and inspire fans with. Who else would we look up for our outfit inspirations otherwise? Which is your favorite color? Let us know in the comments below. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!

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