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beauty no nos

I am a big advocate of the “You do you” motto i.e., do what makes you. If makeup makes you feel empowered, go ahead with it. Don’t let the society, friends or significant other stop you from doing it. If you love dressing up or wearing ethnic outfits, don’t let anybody else’ thoughts affect your love. Doing what makes you happy is literally the only ingredient to self-confidence. Having said that and a being an avid makeup and fashion lover alike, there are still a few things that make my toes curl and I cannot bring myself up to try (right now).

Curling Eyelashes

Curling the eyelashes looks like a process straight from hell. What if I catch the skin, what if I pull all my eyelashes out. OMG! Even writing this is giving me goosebumps.

Bikini Wax

Enough said I suppose? Just the thought makes me cringe. Sigh! I don’t have an issue with waxing per se and do wax my arms and legs, but the pain and the stubbles post the waxing makes it difficult to actually look forward to it and I would always avoid

Tightlining Eyes

Tightlining your eyes is the process of lining your eyes from below your eyelashes. I have seen scored of YouTubers do this and their eyes popping, but just seeing the process makes meringue every time. It looks so painful and unnatural.

False Eyelashes

Did you notice that eyes are turning to be a theme of this post? Well though this is not as cringeworthy as the others and the most likely thing I might actually try, the whole process of eyelashes looks tiring AF. And I legit fear I will end up having two eyelashes visible and then try to pull out my real one. :/

Well, these were a few of my personal “Beauty No-Nos”. What are some of the beauty procedures that make you go all Robin Scherbatsky style “no no no no no no no”? Would you also like to see a fashion counterpart of this series? Also check out our design series Let us know in the comments below. Do check out the #2018DesignMatters series where we will be redesigning an item every single month. Comment and don’t forget to spread the love!

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