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Attention to Detail


A good design does not always entail big huge changes. Most of the times, it is the little details that make you smile at a design and makes a product more loveable. Today, we talk three such minute details that we have noticed and loved!

Jughead in Riverdale

Jughead is the loveable goofy character in the ever famous Archies Comics and last year saw the super hit adaptation of the comics in the series Riverdale. Archie Comics’s Jughead was always seen donning a sweater with “ S” on it, a distinct crown-like cap (also called a whoopee cap apparently) on his head with both a round and square pin.



Emulating a character with such a fashion sense in a series set in the modern era is pretty much impossible. But the creators of the show kind of achieved the impossible. While the sweater was a stretch, they made sure Jughead was not without his trademark cap. The Jughead character was always seen wearing a beanie hat folded to have a crown-like edge. AND it had two embroidered patches of the round and square pins! The detail not only made hardcore Archie comic friends happy but also made us smile at the attention given to the details. The creators also incorporated the “S” sweater and the actually whoopie hat in a dream sequence that made everyone squeal with glee.



TVF’s Inmates

LBTC has always been a fan of TVF for not only its brilliant web shows but also their attention to detail. We have talked about the design of Permanent Roommates’ intro song and today we talk about a scene in another of their web series – Inmates. In the above screenshot, Param (the red pants guy) is trying to provoke the other guy against his roommates. One of the dialogues he uses in his attempt is “Maalik hai tu, King hai King”. (It translates to “You are the owner, the king of the house”.). The scene is shot in such a way that the crown poster seems to be on the other guy’s head fittingly serving as a prop to the dialogue. Kudos to the team for not ignoring the scene and adding some thoughts in an otherwise pretty normal scene.


iPhone’s clock app icon

This is such a minute detail that users notice after months of use. The clock app icon shows the real time on the face. Now don’t get me wrong, Android does the same. But what makes iOS better than it’s Android counterpart is the second’s hand on the clock WHICH MOVES IN REAL TIME. And that is what attention to detail is.


The details and the little things are always what takes a design from good to great. And we love great design. Have you noticed any such little things that made you smile? Let us know in the comments below. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!

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