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Android vs iOS: Gmail

iOS vs Android - The Gmail Edition
iOS vs Android – The Gmail Edition

Hola people,

There are two kinds of people..” The statement triggers only one distinction in my mind – Android users vs. iOS users. I am an iOS developer who owns an Android phone. I love developing using my MacBook Pro but am hopelessly in love with Google. So, a comparison between Android and iOS is basically a Me vs. Me fight.

Check out our video reviewing the complete workflow here.


In this post, we do a view and feature wise comparison and give our final verdict on who trumps the Gmail battle.

Feature Wise Comparison

All pictures are real device screenshots. The left photo in the comparison pair is of a Moto G/X and the right photo is from an iPhone 6+.


Android 1 – 1 iOS – Inbox looks of both platforms look similar. Hence, a point to both.



Conversation View

Android 1 – 0 iOS – iOS have limited options and particularly does not have a reply-all/reply distinction anywhere.





Compose Mail View

Android 1 – 0 iOS – Android provides much more control and options compared to iOS



Hamburger Menu View

Android 0 – 1 iOS – The top bar is not visible on moving down in Android.


Accounts View

Android 1 – 0 iOS – iOS Gmail accounts are limited to Google


Manage Accounts View




Android 1 – 0 iOS – Android provides more control over preferences and settings than iOS. Though love the shameless promotion by Google on iOS 😀



Account Settings


Help & Feedback

Android 1 – 0 iOS – Android has more helpful information in both help and feedback. The data is accessible from various point throughout the app workflow, which is really missing in the iOS app.






Final Verdict

Take a look at it and you will love the iOS Gmail app. Like any iOS app, Gmail is clean, chic, minimal and simple to use. But, with mobiles becoming an extension of a human being these days, a mail app needs to be powerful and not just a pretty face. We need an email client which allows customization and personalization to the last bit. Android Gmail may not be the most beautiful app you use, but she is the complete Gmail in your pocket.

Android 1 – 0 iOS

So, do you agree? Where did we miss out according to you? Leave your views in the comments below.

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