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Amazon Frustration Free Packaging amazon frustration free packaging box Once while struggling with a package, we decided to research more about packaging techniques and see if ANYBODY does them better than the normal packaging we see every single day. That’s when we stumbled upon Amazon Frustration Free Packaging. In today’s world, an average person makes double the purchases online than he does in a store. In a time, when we get everything from clothes to gadgets to groceries to farm fresh vegetables online, it is time to think more about how they are presented to the customers. The sellers have matured the art of presenting items in a store in a way to attract customers in store as well as on a website. But, if a customer takes more than a  couple of minutes to get through to your product, you have already lost a couple of brownie points there. While they may not hurt the big corporations, working on them certainly ups their value. Amazon back in 2008 (that’s nearly 10 years ago if you think about it!) brought the concept of frustration free packaging. Through this initiative, they intended to solve multiple issues that one faces with packages.

Wrap Rage

opcje binarne rolowanie Even if the term is new to you, the experience might not be. How many times have you bought an item and have spent several minutes trying to get it out of its box? (Guilty!) How many times have you tried to rip apart the plastic tape off an Amazon box and had to resort to a knife after a couple of minutes? (Guilty!) How many times have you cursed at the clam shell packaging and the cuts it leaves on your hands when prying it open? (Guilty!) This rage and anger you feel at such a point are known as the wrap rage. Also, we are super curious about the thought process behind the packaging for scissors that requires another pair. amazon frustration free packaging box scissors

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Amazon Frustration Free Packaging tries to reduce this “rage” by replacing the clamshell plastic packaging with simple cardboard boxes with a “Pull tab to open” mechanism.

More Travel-Friendly Packaging

amazon frustration free packaging box

The sole aim of packaging of items these days is to make them look outstanding to increase sales. In a bid to sell products, manufacturers prioritize packaging that looks good over something that is easy to work with. These packages though make sense as a display piece, it makes their transport difficult. The irregular shapes require bigger boxes and more safety measures aka bubble wrap or styrofoam and a small thing now is shipped to you in a big huge-ass box which is difficult to transport. Amazon solves this problem by partnering with manufacturers to redesign packages meant to be couriered. Better packaging means smaller boxes that super travel-friendly.


amazon frustration free packaging box

Reduce Waste

With the traditional packaging, an Amazon box leads to waste in the form of bubble wrap, boxes, and the clamshell packaging itself, equivalent to the size of your product itself. Add to that boxes that are generally too big for the product and those blue plastic tapes. When Amazon reduced the size of the box, it eliminated the need for excess plastic waste that is created.

amazon frustration free packaging boxDoesn’t good design and thought being put into design make you happy!? Sometimes good design means deletion and not addition. While some items require a tad bit extra safety most of the excess and wrap rage can be avoided. Just the idea of such a concept and it is implemented somewhere makes us very happy. Now all we need it comes to India ASAP so we can reap the benefits as well.

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