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traveling passport holder

Design Matters is back with a bang baby! And we are here to tackle another storage problem in the world! I love traveling, the stomach turn when the plane takes off and lands, the hustle bustle of people and especially children, the uninterrupted reading time! Sigh! I just wish the experience before and after the travel was not laden with so much worry though. Picture this. This is me typically at the airport. One hand holding the carry on baggage, the other shoulder carrying my overflowing hand bag, with my hand as a support on the shoulder so it doesn’t fall out, while I am running here and there. Every time I have to use anything in my bag, I set my carry on down, settle the hand bag on it, search the item I have to use, use it and then stuff it back in my bag and go ahead. This happens every single time I have to show my passport/ ticket, take out my Kindle to read, have to fill the immigration form or need to pay for something. I do not hold any of these in my hand, because I am known to keep things at seats/ counters etc and forget. And I assure you, each time I need something, I spend a couple of minutes hunting through the bag to get them. A sad game of treasure hunt it is. I have wondered a million times, isn’t there a solution to make my life a little more easy? And that’s how we came up with our very own passport buddy.

Passport holder front and back
Front and back of the Passport Holder

The front of the holder is just in a pretty mint color, because why resort to black when you can have mint? And it is so much easier to spot and grab from your bag when it is a bright eye catching color. The front cover depicts a flamingo, because I feel they embody the love for travel in the animal kingdom with their seasonal migration. The back cover reminds you of your destination in this amazing world and wishes you a happy journey. Such * cute *! The holder is 8.5″ x 6″ and can hold any generation Kindle you may have.

inside of the passport holder
The inside of the Passport Holder

Let’s take a look on the inside. On the left side, we have two slots to hold your passport and ticket. The passport slot is 5″ x 5″ and will hold passport of any country. Under the two slots is a zippered compartment to store your currency and cards and so that they don’t fall out during your sprints through the airport. The right side is the Kindle holder held in place by four corner elastic bands. Under the kindle holder is a pocket where you can store the receipts or other documents that you accumulate throughout the travel. Next to it is a holder for pen which you require for those innumerable forms that you have to fill out during the travel.

We feel this is your ideal travel buddy while you explore the world, so you do not have to worry about anything but having fun! Have you ever faced any such problems in the past? How do you like our design? Do let us know in the comments below and do not forget to share with fellow travelers and people who might enjoy this. Spread the love!

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