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Addressing The Core Problem

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in the post and the series are based on personal experience and knowledge gained from freely available articles.

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While getting out of depression and other mental health issues is a huge process, one of the most important parts of the process is finding, understanding and addressing the core problem of your situation.

While most of the times it feels the only reason for your breakdown was that one reason – one death, one break up or any of that one thing, the truth is it never is. Every single thing in your life is a consequence of multiple little situations from all your life. Try to think as back as you can go and think did something happen that is the core problem of all these issues and insecurities you feel at the moment.

There are multiple reasons what could be the reason behind your current situation.

  1. Family – Divorced parents? Sibling rivalry? Performance pressure?
  2. School/ Work – Sexist boss? Work pressure? Egoistic peers?
  3. Love life – Went through a breakup or divorce? Unstable relationship?
  4. Other physical ailments/ deficiencies – Vitamin B12 deficiency is pretty common and can cause depression as well

Now, that you have an idea of what might be the core problem, it is time to work on it. Talk it out with your family, quit your job, start taking medicines, talk it out with your loved one, and talk to a specialist! And when you know the core problem, half your battle is won. Now, you can finally work on the other half! And beyond that lies your smiles, happiness, rainbows and unicorns. And we are NOT kidding.

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