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Adios to your traveling woes

Design Matters is back with a bang baby! And we are here to tackle another storage problem in the world! I love traveling, the stomach turn when the plane takes off and lands, the hustle bustle of people and especially children, the uninterrupted reading time! Sigh! I just wish the experience before and after the travel was not laden with so much worry though. Picture this. This is me typically at the airport. One hand holding the… Read More Adios to your traveling woes

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Velvet And Sparkles

This Thursday we have something different. If you are a girl, you must have at least once visited your local tailor to help design that perfect kurti, salwar-kameez or lehenga. I have been doing this since middle grade. While usually, they are ethnic clothes or saree blouses, today we talk two original #LBTCDesigns. Sequin Jacket A… Read More Velvet And Sparkles

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Beauty No-Nos

I am a big advocate of the “You do you” motto i.e., do what makes you. If makeup makes you feel empowered, go ahead with it. Don’t let the society, friends or significant other stop you from doing it. If you love dressing up or wearing ethnic outfits, don’t let anybody else’ thoughts affect your… Read More Beauty No-Nos