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Redesign of the Paper Plane Warning: This is not an LBTC redesign. One would think how can one redesign something as simple as a paper plane. Well isn’t that the beauty of design? It can make something complex simple and something simple better than ever. The new and improved design includes inbuilt cuts, and an option to increase the curve of… Read More Redesign of the Paper Plane
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Redesign That Ish – Bottle Warmer

ÙƒÙŠÙ ØªØ±Ø¨Ø Ø§Ù„Ù…Ø§Ù„ بسرعة ومجانا على الإنترنت   “Thousand years ago, when men used to live in caves, it was a problem to go to the river to collect water. Somebody then discovered they can make containers from leaves, but they were not durable. Then somebody discovered that if some wet soil is kept in sun, it turns into clay. Somebody made pots out… Read More Redesign That Ish – Bottle Warmer

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Trump, Algorithms & Design Hola guys! The title reminds me of the amazing, adorable CLRS Introduction to Algorithms, but trust me you do not need a degree in CS to continue reading the post. All you need is the love for design.  I recently happened to chance upon an article that discussed how Donald Trump won because of “Facebook”… Read More Trump, Algorithms & Design


Designpiration – Let’s make travel user-friendly

binäre optionen trading 212 Hola people, If you take a look around you and start observing things and look at an object from a design perspective, you’ll find many interesting findings. You’d start noticing how some everyday things are just not user-friendly. I took a course in my Senior year “Designing Human-Computer Systems”. This was one of the best… Read More Designpiration – Let’s make travel user-friendly

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Adios to your traveling woes Design Matters is back with a bang baby! And we are here to tackle another storage problem in the world! I love traveling, the stomach turn when the plane takes off and lands, the hustle bustle of people and especially children, the uninterrupted reading time! Sigh! I just wish the experience before and after the travel was not laden with so much worry though. Picture this. This is me typically at the airport. One hand holding the… Read More Adios to your traveling woes

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Velvet And Sparkles

source This Thursday we have something different. If you are a girl, you must have at least once visited your local tailor to help design that perfect kurti, salwar-kameez or lehenga. I have been doing this since middle grade. While usually, they are ethnic clothes or saree blouses, today we talk two original #LBTCDesigns. Sequin Jacket A… Read More Velvet And Sparkles