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3 Great Apps You’ll Love

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Look at your phone. Where do you spend the most time on? Is it the messaging app, Instagram, Facebook, Medium or Snapchat? Our phones and the apps that power them fuel our complete lives – from Contacts to Bank, from Work to Entertainment. While we are used to relying on them to work bug-free for our life to remain on track, today we take a back seat. In today’s post, we talk about three apps that are on our phones that we love using on a daily basis and recommend you to try them today!



Boomerang lets you create looping mini videos. Ever seen one of those GIFs online that keep looping on an action, Boomerang lets you do that to any of your actions.


Simplicity. The best thing about Boomerang is the simplicity of the app. It says it does one thing and it does it well. There are no any extra bells and whistles to the point it does not even let you take a simple picture or add filters.


Enhance the boomerang. Once you capture a boomerang video, on the page to save and share the same, you get the option to adjust speed, the point of view of the boomerang and frames to pick for the same. The speed feature actually makes the boomerang so much more interesting and can take a moment from good to great.


Automatic Save. After capturing a boomerang and applying any edits, you have to click on the Save button (or the share button) to actually save the boomerang locally to your album. Now, this sucks when you are used to hitting that back button to go back to capture the next moments.


splitwise apps design good lbtc


I am pretty sure, everyone around has heard and most probably is using Splitwise to manage the bill sharing in your lives. If you are not, you totally should. Splitwise lets you add bills and split amongst your friends. No more strain on the brain or depending on excel sheets to keep track of who owes whom. Splitwise lets you create groups – be it a trip or flat expenses, allows simplifying of debts.


1. Intelligence. Splitwise transactions are intelligent. Features such as debt simplification (if A owes B Rs 100, and B owes C Rs 100 and C owed D Rs 100, Splitwise will automatically add A owes D Rs 100 to avoid 2 unnecessary transactions in the middle) takes the app a notch higher.
2. Clean Design. Splitwise has a simple and clean design that is straightforward to use and is easy on the eyes. They use well-known color palettes to denote different states and adoption of the app has been easy for people.


First, is the recently introduced integration of PayTM for instant payment. Another aspect is the attention to minor details such as splitting an expense in different ways (equally, unequally, by percentage or share etc). Only when you start using the feature do you realize how important such an option was. These two features are amongst many others that take the app from good to great.


With someone who is borderline OCDish to keep screens clean, the inability to delete old activities atlas from your activity tab irks me a little.


With the new PayTM integration, one feature we’d love to see is automatic payments for small amounts for select people. Though we are saving only a small step, it might be a crucial one for people who struggle with smaller debts than larger ones.


pushbullet apps design good lbtc


In their own words “Pushbullet connects your devices, making them feel like one”. Pushbullet is the simplest way to connect all your devices and transfer data (from files to links to contacts to notifications) at a mouse click. Pushbullet is basically AirDrop for all devices be it Mac, iOS, Android or Windows.


Ease of use. Pushbullet is easy to incorporate into your routine. The chrome extension directly picks up the link, the app allows copying and sharing of links from the notifications. Pushbullet has a presence on almost all kinds of platforms and hence creating continuity across devices of all kinds. The app also allows transfer of files of any kind – .apk, .zip you name it.


One of the features that sets the app higher above others around is the SMS and notification mirroring across devices. The universal copy feature available in the pro version is a splendid feature that enhances the ability for you to create a cohesive environment with multiple platforms and OS. Also, tiny details like the ability to copy or share from notification bar is literally a work of genius.


Pushbullet though easy to use is not very pleasing to the eye. The message exchanges are shown in the form of chat bubbles but which look too drab compared to the functionality of the product. Making it a little more visually appealing will take the product higher than it has soared.

Well, these are some of the most interesting apps that currently reside on my phone that makes life so much easier. What different app do you have on your phone that is not talked about much? Let us know in the comments below. We have a “Must Have Apps for Productivity” coming up soon, follow us on our social handles to keep updated with our future posts. Comment, share and spread the love.


Until later,

Vani Sivasankar

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