26 Random Quirks


If you read my last post, you would know I completed 26 years on this earth this Tuesday and HAD to do a personal post today, So as I turn 26, here are the most random 26 quirks about me.

  1. I hate bad water on my head and face. Cannot take a dunk in the pool or sea or river.
  2. If I hear a word or sentence in an accent, I tend to repeat it in the accent until I get it right.
  3. I cannot concentrate if the place around me is disorganized and items dispersed. It does not have to be spick and span, just out of my way and decent looking.
  4. I am addicted to tea. I get headaches without my morning tea.
  5. I am turned off badly by badly written language. Your points may be great but if it is filled with grammatical and spelling errors I am completely pissed because of you. I stopped reading Quora because of this.
  6. I have a strong sense of smell. I can smell stuff minutes before others can. I also get a headache if in the presence of a strong smell for long.
  7. I hate names written without proper capitalization.
  8. I am a hardcore Potterhead! Duh. I have read all the books 5+ times minimum and pick it up once every year. I also have a Harry Potter wand and a Harry funko pop.
  9. While on the topic of Harry Potter; I do not think Snape is saintlike. Jily for life. Also, I do not support Sirius-Remus pairing. I love reading OTPs, but outside of the stories, they just don’t click somehow.
  10. I LOVE roads. The more winding it is, the better. I ALWAYS take pictures on trips. My ultimate dream is to take photos on the road in different poses.
  11. I fear/ loathe monkeys. If I am near a tiger, I might shiver or pee in fear but I see a monkey 10 miles away and I run for my life.
  12. I have this inner need to see a wolf/fox, tiger and a bear and in their natural environment.
  13. I hate hiding affection of any kind. You are like a sibling for me, I will show it. You are a friend, you will know it. I really like you, I will make sure you realize it.
  14. I cannot sit idle or do one thing only. If I am working – on the blog or work, I usually watch something on the side. This makes it impossible for me to get some salon or spa services done ‘coz I keep thinking of all the things I could be doing instead.
  15. I drink a looooot of water. Like I finish up more than a couple of litres in a day. And if mentions water, I have to drink it.
  16. Talking about water, I cannot drink water the first thing in the morning. Makes me nauseous.
  17. I hate honey.
  18. I hate experimenting with food and usually end up saying “I don’t like it” instead of saying “I have not tried this, and am afraid to do it”.
  19. I hate asking for help from anyone apart from my Mom and Dad. It creeps me out and I think about it for days after.
  20. I cringe before attending a call or meeting someone. Even my best friends.
  21. I learned to cycle this year and I have never been prouder or happier with myself.
  22. I have a phobia of dirty hands and wash my hands at least two dozen times a day and hand sanitisers have been a saviour to keep my sanity.
  23. I used to have an eidetic-ish memory and used to remember conversations line by line. Fast forward to now, I forget conversations and file and function names two minutes later. True story. Still a great memory for songs. SMH.
  24. I used to believe in true love and that I will find mine eventually. Now, I believe in true love but not for me anymore.
  25. Feminist to the core. I hate discrimination and racism to any living being.
  26. I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. I love my natural curls but they are very rough, unruly and difficult to manage. I love my straightened hair but hate the look it gives when my natural mane starts growing.


So that’s 26 weird things about me that make me cringe or smile. Have you taken the tag before? Let us know in the comments below. Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!


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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Vani..😊
    This one’s actually amazing.. always love reading your blogs….✌️

    With best wishes

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