2017 Resolutions Lookback[uid]=55 2017 Resolutions lookback I can’t believe in 10 days, we are entering 2018! What a roller coaster 2017 has been. I made some decisions at the start of the year and had to do a look back on how we fared with this year’s resolutions.

Behavioral Resolutions

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  1. Sleep early and Wake up early – Success. Though the change happened in the second half of the year, I usually sleep around 11, unless stuck with work and I usually wake up by 7. The fact that I have a class (see below) at 8 helps me with waking up early and the routine has somewhat stuck. 😀 😀
  2. Pick up some form of regular exercise –Success. I joined a dance class and stuck with it! Apart from the last month when stuff went completely haywire on the personal front, I have kept up with the class and have been absolutely loving it to pieces just as expected! <3
  3. Save money – A moderate success. Have been able to curb my spending and crank up the saving habit a bit but the retirement fund is still pretty empty.
  4. Work on socializing and marketing – Success! I finally consciously made friends and started going out and have a social life again! While it has been one of the most difficult stuff I had to do in my life, it was also the most exhilarating experience without a doubt.
  5. Try to relax. Be less anxious. Get rid of the negative space in life. – Success. I still get anxious but my doctor has made handling it much easier.
  6. Trust and fall in love. – Success! Okay okay, before you get all excited, I did NOT fall in love. But I had crushes (again after years!) and the feeling is still so damn exciting! 😀

Personal Resolutions

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  1. Go on at least one solo trip. – Gah. Fail. No excuses.
  2. Take parents on a trip somewhere. – SUCCESS! This has been the highlight of my year. Read all about our Goa trip here. And I ended up going on two trips this year, so that was just icing on the cake!
  3. Read different genres of books – A moderate success. I still couldn’t get myself to finish any of the motivational books. :/ Check out the complete list of books read this year here.

Professional Resolutions

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  1. Double the LBTC audience and readers. – Gah. Fail. No excuses.
  2. Come up with at least 5 new techniques to engage readers more. – A moderate success. I was able to work out a couple of techniques even if I didn’t hit the magic number. Checkout the blog posts we are undergoing as part of #BlogchatterProjects for more details.
  3. Work towards one collaboration and 5 guest posts this year. – Gah. Fail. No excuses.

Beställ Cialis 20 mg Well, while these were the direct success or failure metric of the resolutions set at the start of the year, many things changed in the way. December was a game changer in so many ways, but I am sure we are going to start the new year with lots of happiness. I will be back with new resolutions in the first week of the new year! Till then let us know how you fared in your 2017 resolutions! Comment, share and don’t forget to spread the love!  

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